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Commercial and Group Products* Policies:

Below is a brief and general description of each product for educational purposes only. One must always refer to the specific policy, in its entirety, in order to determine the exact coverage the policy provides. Please see our website’s Terms of Use. Please Contact Us for more information on the protection these policies provide.

Property and Casualty PoliciesLife and Health Policies

  • Property and Casualty Policies:

    • Business Auto: There are multiple designations available for automobiles used for business. Additionally, automobiles owned or used by businesses can be classified into private, commercial, and public categories. We will help you identify the type of automobile coverage that is most suitable for your business.

    • Businessowners Policy: This policy is designed for small and medium sized businesses (excluding those related to auto, bars and banks). Typically, the coverage includes general liability, buildings and business personal property with stated exclusions. Eligible properties are offices, apartments or residential condominium associations, limited-cooking restaurants, and fast-food restaurants, to name a few.

    • Commercial General Liability: The coverage provided by this insurance policy includes bodily injury and property damage, personal and advertising injury liability, and medical payments for others (involved in an accident).

    • Commercial Package: Depending on the policy form used, a commercial package policy may cover buildings and business personal property, personal property of others, business income, general liability, business auto, commercial crime, and equipment breakdown among other coverages.

    • Contractual Liability: This is a very crucial insurance policy for anyone who assumes liability under contracts (contractors, architects, etc.). It covers bodily injury and property damage.

    • Directors and Officers Liability: This policy protects your company in the event a director and/or officer commits a wrongful act, including negligence.

    • Excess or Umbrella: This policy provides larger amounts of additional coverage to underlying insurance policies. The coverage may become the primary insurance when the underlying insurance policy limits have been exhausted. In addition, umbrella policies may cover some additional occurrences that are not covered by the underlying polices.

    • Professional Liability: Many professionals such as high-tech consultants, attorneys, and doctors need Professional Liability insurance to protect them from errors and omissions should they fail to meet the expected standards of conducts in their profession. Advising clients in any profession carries liability risks, which can put professionals out of business.

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  • Life and Health Policies:

    • Business Key Employee Life Insurance: This life insurance policy protects a business against the unexpected death of its key employee(s). In the event of such loss, the policy provides the funds required to hire and train the employee’s replacement. One advantage to this kind of policy is that proceeds paid are not taxable.

    • Business Continuation Insurance (Partnerships): In the event that one partner dies, the partnership may have to be dissolved requiring the assets to be sold and shares of the proceeds distributed to the heirs. The proceeds from this policy, under the appropriate buy-sell agreement, would fund the inheritance payments to heirs and avoid the forced liquidation of assets.

    • Buy and Sell Agreements: This agreement provides the necessary funds for one party to purchase the business of another upon the death of the business owner.

    • Group Dental Policy: This policy covers preventative dental visits and the cost associated with dental surgeries, with the exception of cosmetic treatments. Typically, the insured bears some of the cost associated with this policy.

    • Group Disability Income Policy: Considered a category of health insurance, this coverage is intended to replace a portion of the insured’s income in the event of disablement.

    • Group Health Policy: Provided by employers for their employees to cover the costs associated with maintaining the health of eligible employees and their dependents. The policy can be funded either by the employer or by both the employer and the employees.

    • Group Life Policy (with or without Accidental Death & Dismemberment): Provided by an employer for its employees, covering the life of the employee and/or eligible dependents. Most group life policies include Accidental Death and Dismemberment coverage, which provides protection from the accidental death of an insured individual or compensates the insured for a covered dismemberment.

    • Group Long Term Care: This policy covers the costs associated with medical and/or covered personal services provided to the insured in a non-hospital setting due to ongoing illness, injury, or age-related complications.

    • Group Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Group High Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs): These policies allow individuals (under age 65) and/or eligible dependents to pay for current health expenses and save for future qualified medical and retiree health expenses on a tax free basis.

* Please note that we may or may not offer all of the products listed above at all times or for your particular business or personal needs.

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