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Video Game or Software Developers Insurance

Video game developers and software developers provide a lot of entertainment and value to their fans and clients. However, with fun and fame comes serious liability exposures. Insurance, including Professional Liability, Media Liability, and Cyber Liability, becomes a necessity. In this digital media age, it takes more than just General Liability to protect software developers. It takes sophisticated insurance coverage and a thorough understanding of the risk to provide software professionals peace of mind. Equipped with over 14 years of technical and programming experience we not only understand insurance, but also the challenges technologists experience.

Are you concerned about competitors claiming that you copied a game character or code (intellectual property) that you worked so hard to create? Are you concerned about others claiming that your media content was harmful to them? You should be.

Our Software Developers Insurance Programs May Include*:

Business Auto:satellite

Including Hired and Non-owned Auto Liability.

Business Property:

Covers buildings and business personal property on a replacement cost basis. No coinsurance option available.

  • Account Receivables
  • Business Income:

Coverage provides lost income for suspended operations due to a covered loss, such as system failure of cloud computing providers, computer hacking or virus.

  • Hacking Attacks:

Covers loss associated with retrieving, or replacing damaged computer programs, data media, or computer systems damaged by cyber attacks.

  • Electronic Data Processing Equipment and systems, Data Media and Programs:

Includes coverage for loss due to accidental damage or cyber attack.

  • Employee Dishonesty:

Covers loss of money and other business personal property belonging to the insured by dishonest or fraudulent acts of the insured’s employees.

  • Property in your care, custody, and control
  • Valuable Papers and Records

General Liability:

Protects you against third party bodily injury and property damage. It provides premises, operations, Products and Completed Operations, and medical payments coverage.

Professional Liability:

This section includes some of the most critical coverages for any video game or computer software developers. The vast majority of liability damages are in the Professional Liability area.

  • Breach of Contract Coverage
  • Cyber Liability
  • Errors, omissions, or misrepresentations
  • Media Liability:

Defamation, Intellectual Property, and media content liability including Personal and Advertising Injury.

  • Privacy, network and Information Technology Security Liability:

Includes the Privacy Notifications required by law.

  • Umbrella
  • Workers Compensation – Foreign
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Employment Practices Liability

*Not a comprehensive list