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Term Life and Whole Life Insurance for Individuals

Life insurance is one of the most important types of insurance, whether term or whole life. If the unexpected were to happen to you, and you were no longer here, would those who depend on your income be okay? If something happened to the homemaker or childcare provider in your family, could you afford the services necessary to replace them? These are not the kind of thoughts one likes to consider but it is critically important you take the necessary steps to secure the future of your family. Life insurance is one of the most important ways to do so. Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. has access to over 20 high quality life insurance companies to offer you affordable options.

Our Term or Whole Life Insurance Plans May Feature*:

Austin Term or Whole Life Insurance:

• Variety of life insurance plan types, including Term Life or Whole life (Permanent) insurance

• Quotes from highly rated (A.M. Best) life insurance companies

• Return and/or Waiver of Premium, Child Coverage riders, and Accidental Death Benefit options available with most plans

• Guaranteed Level Premiums for chosen term

• Build cash value (Whole Life insurance)

• Assistance in determining the appropriate type and amount of coverage to address your specific needs

What Are Term and Whole Life Insurance?

• Term Life Insurance: The primary function of Term Life insurance is to provide death benefits to a beneficiary designated on the insurance policy. Generally, Term Life insurance is much more affordable than Whole Life insurance.

• Whole Life Insurance: While Term Life insurance provides death benefits, Whole Life insurance provides protection for the duration of an individual's life. Whole Life also called Permanent Life insurance.

What Life Insurance can do for you:

• Provide replacement income for dependents

• Pay final expenses such as funeral and burial costs, estate administration costs, and payment of remaining debts

• Create an inheritance for your heirs

• Pay federal and state estate taxes

• Make significant charitable contributions on your behalf

• Create a source of savings (in the case of Whole, or Permanent, Insurance)

*Not a comprehensive list.