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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Keystone Insurance Services, Inc.

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I rely on Nader and Keystone Insurance Services exclusively for the insurance requirements of both my law practice and my personal affairs. There are many reasons, but foremost is that I trust them and don't have to spend huge blocks of time investigating what they say and recommend. In my experience, being able to trust anyone in the insurance industry is extremely rare. In addition, it's rare to see the competence and diligence that Nader and Keystone Insurance Services provide. They are my first call, and I don't consider any other insurance provider unless Nader advises me to do so.

I rarely write reviews but there is quite simply no better Insurance Broker / Agent than Nader Mdeway! It is really just that simple. Nader has been handling our business insurance needs for 5 years. He is patient beyond measure (and I do mean this). He is one of the smartest people I've ever met. He is highly knowledgeable regarding all insurance issues and works extremely hard to ensure you have the best coverage at the best rate possible. And above all he is the very definition of integrity. His focus is his clients, period. It sounds like hyperbole, but I will assure you that should you reach out to Nader for his assistance you will agree with everything I've said.

Our company has used Keystone Insurance Services, for many years. Being in a technology driven field, Keystone has always been very helpful in guiding us on which policies would be best for our company. The Keystone team answers every question I have with knowledge and understanding. I feel like they care about me and the success of our company. They are always professional and prompt when I contact them for any questions regarding our plans, service and coverage. I would highly recommend their company to any business. Thanks Keystone!

I had the pleasure of working with Keystone Insurance Services for several years at my former company. When I went to a new firm, the owners were unhappy with their insurance broker. My first call -- with no hesitation -- was to them. They helped us find the best group insurance coverages, while making the enrollment process quick and painless. I highly recommend Keystone Insurance Services to any business. They are professional, helpful, and courteous. In this day in age, it is refreshing to talk directly to a broker instead of a recording. Their prompt response to questions continues to make us feel like we are their only client. I look forward to our continuing partnership with them for many, many years.

When I was handed the task of finding group insurance for my company, I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea where to start. Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. was happy to guide me the entire way - from choosing the correct insurance company to deciding which plans were best for us. I could not have asked for a better insurance agency to help make this daunting task seem so easy.

 I had recently started my own business and had the good fortune of acquiring a contract pretty quickly. Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. was able to get me the general liability insurance I needed in a very short time and I was able to begin the project on schedule. If not for the rapid response and knowledgeable staff, I would have missed the opportunity to start my business in such a positive manner. Thank you so much and look forward to our partnership for years to come.

Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. was very helpful to my husband and me while we were searching for the best health insurance plan during our first couple years of marriage and self employment. It is so nice to know we can call or email at any time and have a human response. KIS is a caring company that seems to pride themselves in customer service and finding what is the best plan for the customer. Thanks KIS!

Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. has provided the highest level of quality in customer service. They do a superb job of carefully balancing attentive customer service with getting the job done - all without overburdening the customer with too many requests or emails. It's refreshing to deal with companies that take the daily stress out of such tedious work as dealing with insurance policies.

After being fed up with the poor customer service from our previous insurer, we were looking for a company that would provide good service with a personal touch. We found that and more with Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. The staff met with us on multiple occasions, took the time to discuss our needs, and educated us on our options. We appreciate that whenever we call we get to speak with a person who is knowledgeable and friendly. Good customer service is hard to find, but we are extremely happy with the service we have received from Keystone Insurance Services, Inc.

I want to thank you for the very thorough and personal attention you gave to my insurance needs. Not only have you provided me with the policies I asked about, but in the process you have provided me with more coverage at a lower cost and made me aware of additional areas of personal and commercial insurance that would suit my needs. In the impersonal and automated world we live in, it is very refreshing to have personal and dedicated service.

Keystone Insurance Services, Inc has joined an elite group of Trusted Choice agencies in the country. The commitment to customer service is embodied in the Trusted Choice Pledge of Performance, which promises consumers choice, customization and advocacy.

Keystone Insurance Services Inc. helped my family out of an insurance jam. By obtaining quotes and walking us through the options, Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. was able to find us great coverage with better rates than we were able to find on our own. They even managed to find a company that would cover a few medical needs we had previously been denied! I am so thankful we had Keystone Insurance Services, Inc. to help us navigate the often-time overwhelming process of individual care insurance hunting.

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